Changelogs are released for major and minor releases following the first public beta release. Patch level changes between releases are included in the notes for the next major or minor release. 

Major and minor versions are code-named for a song that we kept coming back to during development.

Recollectr 3.8

November 12, 2018 - "Title Track" (by Death Cab for Cutie)
Features & Improvements
  • Markdown, HTML, and Plaintext import/export
  • Option to choose where to save exports
  • Option to copy note to clipboard as Markdown, HTML, or Plaintext
  • Bulk import/export
  • Codeblocks now export with their associated syntax
  • Exports images inline as Base64
  • Import notes from Google Keep
  • Imports inline Base64 images
  • Checkboxes now support indenting
  • Automatically manage checked status of parent and child checkboxes
  • Experimental dyslexic friendly mode
  • Hotkey: F2 to rename current note
  • Hotkey: Ctrl+Shift+\ to pin window on top
  • Dramatically improves undo/redo behavior
  • Dramatically improves result of pasting data copied from websites & strips extraneous content for cleaner notes
  • Automatically add http:// to urls entered with markdown, e.g. []() – if it was not already included
  • Adds “Paste as plaintext” to context menu
  • Improves behavior of inserting hard linebreak in lists
  • Code signing on Windows
  • Improves logging for better bug squashing
  • Styling improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes bug where checkboxes did not export properly
  • Fixes bug where codeblocks only exported first line
  • Fixes bug where importing codeblocks would fail
  • Fixes bug that caused inline code to display improperly on Linux
  • Fixes bug that created a new note instead of focusing existing when entering identical title into omnibox with encryption enabled
  • Fixes bug that caused notes created with Ctrl+N to still display the previous note’s title
  • Fixes bug where hotkey to check checkboxes took two presses
  • Fixes AM/PM case sensitivity issue in time picker
  • Fixes bug where ‘Enter’ at start of a header would make a new line of header, instead of moving the header down a line
  • Fixes bug where search highlights were not removed
  • Workaround for Chrome bug that causes reminders to be invisible after screen goes to sleep and wakes again
  • Fixes out of date text on status bar icon hover
  • Fixes links in blockquotes being gray
  • Fixes blurry checkboxes
  • Fixes bracket matching bug on Mac
  • Fixes bug where natural language reminder for a late hour on the same day would instead go to 10am
  • Fixes bug where user would see connection error notification when they needed to reauthorize account – Now has its own specific notification
  • Fixes bug that caused Quickstart Guide image to not appear on first run sometimes
  • Fixes bug that caused data usage to be substantially higher than necessary
  • Fixes Quickstart Guide on Mac displaying Windows/Linux hotkeys
  • Fixes bug where clicking on Recollectr icon in macOS dock did not show Recollectr when the window is hidden
  • Fixes bug where ⌘+[ ⌘+] did not indent and un-indent on Mac
  • Fixes links not being clickable when holding down ⌘ on Mac

Recollectr 3.7

October 3, 2018 - "Bukowski" (by Modest Mouse)
Features & Improvements
  • Advanced notification system
  • Linux support
  • Subpixel antialiasing support
  • Dark mode
  • Improves note rendering speed by ~20%
  • Support “today” in date picker
  • Support “midnight” & “noon” in time picker
  • Improved Mac support
  • Styling improvements
  • Notifies user periodically when Recollectr is locked and notifications cannot be shown
  • Indent and un-indent in lists with Ctrl+] & Ctrl+[
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes bug that prevented un-indenting lists in some scenarios
  • Fixes bug where ESC key did not exit date picker
  • Fixes bug where midnight in Omnibox would actually set for noon, 12 hours later
  • Fixes bug where 12:00 pm in the time field would actually set for midnight, 12 hours later
  • Fixes bug where Ctrl+ any of these: ‘ ” ` ( { [ — Would print the character when it should not
  • Fixes bug where PgUp and PgDown in editor could mess up Recollectr layout
  • Fixes bug where ‘Enter’ on time field would not always commit the new reminder time
  • Fixes bug where erasing the date or time from the date/time picker would set the time to a null value
  • Fixes bug where some additional checks were run on elements in the editor that did not need it. This should speed up performance slightly for longer notes.
  • Fixes bug that allowed dragging of Recollectr logo on Mac
  • Fixes bug where opening syntax select near bottom of window could shift all contents of the window and require restart
  • Fixes issues with dark mode – no longer experimental
  • Fixes bug where times using “in” (remind me in 2 hours) could end up appearing 12 hours later than expected if between the hours of midnight and 7am.
  • Fixes bug where reminders such as, “Remind me on April 8th to do something” resulted in the task title: “on to do something”
  • Fixes bug where “tomorrow” in Omnibox reminders was not recognized in some circumstances
  • Fixes bug where extraneous words were not cleaned up when using times with decimals (eg, remind me in 2.5 hours)
  • Fixes bug where paid users would possibly not be recognized as such and required a restart of Recollectr
  • Fixes an issue with a dependency which logged to the console, causing performance issues

Recollectr 3.6

September 6, 2018 - "Destruction" (by Joywave)
Features & Improvements
  • More flexible reminder detection – can now understand requests such as, “remind me” + “about” & “it’s” 
  • Decimal values are now allowed in natural language reminders (remind me in 2.5 hours to do something)
  • Natural language dates in date-picker input field (can use September 9 or Next Friday, instead of 09-09-2018)
  • Scroll through calendar with arrow keys
  • Smarter detection of times in time-picker input field (can use 7pm instead of 7:00 pm and other niceties)
  • Can use ESC to exit date/time picker
  • Improves styling of modals and options menu
  • Option to disable bracket and punctuation matching outside of code
  • Automatically removes empty matched brackets and punctuation when backspacing
  • Dynamic updating of connectivity status (previously only showed error if it could not connect on startup)
  • More robust local backup mechanism
  • Reduces data usage of web syncing on note update by ~20%
  • Reduces data usage of syncing entire note library at startup by 20-95% (depending on size of note database)
  • Big performance improvements for certain operations thanks to upgrade to Electron 3
  • Ctrl+Shift+Z will redo in editor when not using it for the global hotkey
  • Various other conveniences for date/time picker
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes bug where Recollectr prevented shutdown on macOS
  • Fixes mismatched button and input sizes
  • Fixes bug that caused newly created notes to sync twice in some circumstances
  • Fixes some notelist keyboard and selection issues
  • Fixes bug where images added to a note while offline were not always uploaded upon restoration of internet connection
  • Fixes bug where punctuation matching inside of brackets or punctuation did not work
  • Fixes bug where selection of editor would rarely revert to previous selection in some when typing quickly and using hotkeys for formatting
  • Fixes bug where cursor would refocus if adding a link or changing codeblock syntax immediately after using Ctrl+E to focus the editor
  • Fixes bug that causes unnecessary re-rendering of the editor – Performance
  • Fixes bug where it was possible to paste multi-line text into the note’s title and sets maximum length to 120 characters
  • Fixes bug where clicking month name or arrows in date picker would immediately move focus to the time picker
  • Fixes bug where pressing down key from the omnibox with no notes in list led to loss of focus on the omnibox
  • Fixes bug where changelog did not show on Mac
  • Fixes bug where focus is not returned to the editor after exiting the date/time picker
  • Fixes bug where enter on default date/time in picker did not set the reminder
  • Fixes bug where sometimes 4 digit times (eg. 10:30 am) could not be set for today’s date
  • Fixes various other bugs in date/time picker
  • Fixes issue where in-editor search could show “result 2 of 1”
  • Fixes bug where links in Note List could be tabbed to in certain circumstances
  • Fixes bug where you can use Tab and Shift+Tab to cycle through elements from the Omnibox
  • Fixes inability to undo to points in the editor history prior to adding a link with Ctrl+K – Some issues remain though
  • Fixes bugs in adding links to notes with Ctrl+K shortcut
  • Fixes bug where wrapping text with a list sometimes removed the text
  • Prevents times for natural language reminders from defaulting to the past in some cases (“remind me at 2pm to do something” would default to 2pm today, even if it had already passed)
  • Prevents times for natural language reminders from defaulting to hours before 7am unless explicitly specified (“remind me at 3 to do something” would previously default to the closest ‘3’, even if that was 3am)

Recollectr 3.5

August 15, 2018 - "Make a Change" (by Uppermost)
Features & Improvements
  • In-app changelog
  • Auto-update for Mac for all future versions (Users of 3.4 for Mac will need to download Recollectr from the site)
  • Improvements in note importing functionality
  • Adds 5 new syntax highlightings (AutoHotkey, Handlebars, Ini, Typescript, YAML)
  • Pressing Enter in the in-note search box brings you to next result
  • In-note search now highlights currently selected match distinctly from other matches
  • In-note search now shows number of matches and index of current match
  • Nested list handling improvements in editor
  • Minor styling niceties
  • Improves status bar icon and message clarity
  • Better macOS specific behaviors and controls + identified developer code signing
  • In-app social media links for better community and communication
  • Reduces note preview lines shown from 4 to 3 for improved scanning and readability
  • Further hardens Content Security Policy – Security
  • NodeIntegration disabled – Security
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes issues with copy/paste from Recollectr to non-HTML capable text fields would lose line breaks
  • Fixes various small bugs in in-note search (a couple trivial bugs remain)
  • Fixes bug where recycled notes would “undelete” in rare cases when syncing
  • Fixes and performance enhancements for floating link menu and link creation
  • Partially fixes issue where the syntax of a codeblock appears in the copy text (this no longer happens when pasting to a plaintext editor)
  • Fixes bug that did not allow zooming with Ctrl + Mouse wheel
  • Fixes bug that did not allow zooming window with numpad + key
  • Fixes bug in fraction replacement that deleted the character prior to the fraction
  • Fixes all known bugs in notelist navigation
  • Fixes bug where encryption key could not be set in some cases due to inability to select key creation field
  • Fixes a bug where users with encryption enabled would see a message to upgrade to enable encryption
  • Fixes bug where window could be redirected to the URL of a link dragged to certain areas of Recollectr. This had the potential for remote code execution with user assistance. – (Thanks to Suhas Gaikwad)
  • Fixes bug where lists would indent multiple levels, instead of just one, in the notes in the search results
  • Fixes bug where tray icon double-click would not show Recollectr on Windows
  • Fixes bug where tray icon balloon did not display when Recollectr started up on Windows
  • Fixes incorrect editor toolbar hotkey text
  • Fixes other minor macOS specific issues

Recollectr 3.4

July 29, 2018 - "Black Honey" (by Thrice)
Features & Improvements
  • Rudimentary Mac OS X support (Better support with code-signing coming soon)
  • Increases font-weight of bolded text for faster visual parsing
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes untitled notes having ‘Undefined’ in the title
  • Fixes combination of bold & italics not being bolded
  • Fixed updated time disappearing in notelist on click
  • Various smaller CSS fixes for issues introduced in the overhaul from 3.3

Recollectr 3.3

July 19, 2018 - "Solitude" (by Egadz)
Features & Improvements
  • Replaced old help screen with easier to use “Cheatsheet” of shortcuts
  • New settings menu
  • Improved “Focus Cursor” behavior
  • Overhauled all styles to improve readability, usability, and performance
  • Typography adheres more closely to best practices
  • Reduced window layout related CPU usage by over 50%
  • Fraction conversions for most common fractions, eg. 1/2 becomes ½
  • Proper horizontal rule support
  • Strengthened Content Security Policy
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed inconsistencies in styling in the editor when nesting items
  • Fixed the most egregious bugs related to auto-hiding notelist. Option no longer labeled as “buggy”, but still experimental
  • Fixed bug in single-quote punctuation auto-matching
  • Fixed notelist updating and rendering issues
  • Fixed bug where after deleting a note, fragments would remain in the editor in some circumstances
  • Fixed inconsistencies in arrow scroll behavior in the notelist
  • Fixed issue where note’s sidebar could interfere with date picker and editor on narrow window widths
  • Fixed issue where deleting notes did not update their “updated at” time

Recollectr 3.2

July 10, 2018 - "New Person, Same Old Mistakes" (by Tame Impala)
Features & Improvements
  • Added inline code decoration
  • Massively improved markdown performance
  • Substantially reduced application-wide CPU and RAM usage
  • First update available via auto-update
  • Reduced installer and auto-update sizes by 20%
  • Added bracket and punctuation matching
  • Added ability to set code language with inline markdown, eg. “`js creates a JavaScript codeblock
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed inconsistencies in markdown support
  • Fixed next note selection when deleting in notelist with DEL key
  • Fixed bug that sometimes crashed application when deleting a checklist item
  • Fixed conversion of link text to clickable link
  • Fixed notelist scrolling behavior (partially)
  • Various other less noteworthy fixes

Recollectr 3.1

June 29, 2018 - "Bring You Back" (by Beacon)
Features & Improvements
  • Syncing of notes and files (Premium feature)
  • Zero knowledge encryption of notes and files (Premium feature)
  • Status bar indicator icons
  • Improved note import support
  • Recommended alternative global hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+E)
  • Increased maximum number of notes that can be viewed in list
  • Significant performance improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with reminders not bringing up the calendar automatically, e.g., “Remind me to do something” without a time
  • Fixed issues with links in checklist items
  • Fixed issues with markdown in checklist items
  • Fixed issue with reminder scheduling reliability upon startup
  • Fixed issue where exporting notes without title resulted in a file without a name
  • Fixed issue with images not reliably highlighting when selected
  • Fixed issue with Recollectr not starting automatically on boot
  • Fixed issues with first time startup operations
  • Various other less noteworthy fixes

Recollectr 3.0

May 10, 2018 - "Cicatriz ESP" (by The Mars Volta)
Features & Improvements
  • First public beta release
Bug Fixes
  • Many

Version code names do not imply an endorsement or association of any kind. 

Special thanks to MarshallOfSound for his incredible project, Google Play Music Desktop Player, which is used daily during the development of Recollectr.