Changelogs are released for major and minor releases following the first public beta release. Patch level changes between releases are included in the notes for the next major or minor release. Major and minor versions are code-named for a song that helped to inspire our work.

Recollectr 3.12

February 20, 2020 - "Shapeshifter" (Paul Nagle)
Features & Improvements
  • Feature: Mini-mode – smaller window sizes and automatically adjust to window size changes
  • Feature: Allows multi-selection/multi-operations in notelist (See Quick Help for details)
  • Feature: Pop-up (voodoo) rescheduler to allow rescheduling a note without opening it in the main window
  • Feature: On-the-fly adjustable snooze – Ctrl to increase step size, Alt to reduce
  • Feature: Support for mailto:, ftp:, sftp:, irc:, and local filesystem links
  • Feature: Automatic linkification of pasted links to email address and to local files and directories
  • Feature: Basic Reminder Center lets you see past and upcoming reminders
  • Feature: Dedicated hotkey to hide notelist: Ctrl+\
  • Feature: Grow/shrink window with Ctrl+Shift+ +/-
  • Feature: Cycle through preset window sizes with Ctrl+M/⌘+Alt+M
  • Feature: Right click on notes in notelist for more options
  • Feature: Time picker now uses 1 hour increments, and expands to show 15 minute increments when holding Alt
  • Feature: Time picker normalizes times to nearest step when scrolling with up/down arrows
  • Feature: Date/time picker and formatting attempts to match user’s OS selected locale, besides a few words like yesterday, tomorrow (natural language reminders are still English only)
  • Feature: Revamps dark mode and implements the backend foundations for a future theming engine
  • Feature: Revamped “Show only titles” option
  • Feature: Customizable default snooze
  • Feature: Two date/time insertion hotkeys supporting independent, custom formats
  • Feature: Right click images to save to disk as WebP
  • Esc closes in-note search if the selection is not expanded
  • Ctrl+Tab to move through tabs in Settings
  • Implements more scalable & performant solution for managing window placement, size, & contents
  • Track whether notelist was hidden and automatically hide it again when user uses global hotkey, and then focuses the editor
  • Adds config option to disable GPU rendering
  • Dramatically improves zoom performance
  • Now marks new hotkeys for each release with “NEW” in Quick Help
  • Improves reliability of “window” and “general” hotkeys (see Quick Help hotkey sections)
  • Improves performance of note status button generation (pin, archive, trash)
  • Consolidates color scheme for easier maintaining
  • Removes duplicated caching mechanism, reducing web-app memory usage substantially (though application usage)
  • Many styling tweaks affecting every part of the application
  • Expands scope of macOS-specific styling
  • Rebuilds context menu and makes small improvements, like showing text to be searched
  • Built-in notifications now adhere to dark mode if enabled
  • Pop-up (voodoo) menu now adheres to dark mode
  • Implements Emotion-based components throughout application, instead of relying on SCSS
  • Minor clarifications to various settings screen “explainers”
  • Quick Help now shows undo/redo hotkey per OS
  • No longer hides macOS dock icon when window is hidden
  • Throttles in-editor search (performance)
  • Ctrl+RightArrow twice on expanded omnibox selection will now focus editor
  • Majorly reduces “repaints” when scrolling through notelist with keyboard
  • Improves roundtrip reliability between Recollectr Web Extender and Recollectr
  • Removes experimental spellcheck feature
  • Quitting app completes slightly faster
  • Highlight checkbox to be deleted upon hovering deletion button
  • Reduces maximum notelist length from 115 to 90 (performance)
  • Improves performance of notelist (independently of reducing maximum items shown – especially keyboard navigation performance)
  • Automatically asks for sign-in if automatic authorization refresh fails – Previously only notified via error icon in the corner
  • Improves clickable link detection performance and accuracy
  • Improves hovering link-menu ability to reposition itself to remain on screen
  • Completely rewrites solution for resizing notelist & editor sections
  • DownArrow in Omnibox now immediately focuses the notelist, instead of first collapsing the input selection, and only focusing notelist on a second press
  • Reduces the total number of (now unnecessary) DOM elements – specifically in the notelist, and in checklists in the editor (performance)
  • New import progress updates (previously showed a single toast message on completion)
  • Allow resizing window on login/encryption screens
  • Allow Recollectr to be dragged before initial contents are loaded
  • Allow Ctrl+up/down to move between notelist headings
  • Upon search term change, scroll to top of notelist
  • Upon search term change. DownArrow from the omnibox will now focus the first note in the list, rather than the previously selected
  • Upon focusing editor, notelist will automatically scroll to show the note being edited
  • Reduces size of JavaScript bundle for each window by including only what’s necessary per window
  • Greatly improves performance of highlighting selected images
  • Blockquote content colors are now calculated rather than hard-coded for better visual consistency
  • Justifies blockquotes
  • Minorly improves performance of note preview generation
  • Link to account management under account and syncing
  • Improves reliability of scrolling to a note in the notelist
  • Disable editor toolbar option is no longer experimental
  • Adds an Easter Egg (the second one so far)
  • Upgrades to Electron 7
  • Security hardening
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes occasional failure to generate note cache at startup, requiring application restart
  • Fixes all notes with pending reminders needlessly synced to web on each startup
  • Fixes unnecessary hard-coded delay between decryption and notes appearing in notelist on desktop
  • Fixes oversight that caused searching notelist to be unthrottled  (performance)
  • Fixes a few functions that needed memoization that were not memoized
  • Fixes global hotkey failing to re-select the decryption passphrase key when Recollectr is locked if the user has previously unselected it
  • Fixes bug where importing multi-level checkboxes that contained markdown marks in an inner checkbox resulting in a mangled import (e.g. bold, italics, strikethrough)
  • Fixes editor search string length not having a maximum character limit
  • Fixes checkbox delete button border getting cut off in nested checklists
  • Fixes bold inside strikethrough & underline not being faded
  • Fixes inline code in nested checklists not having font size reduced
  • Fixes failure to auto-convert ~~ markdown to strikethrough
  • Fixes issue where delete buttons for checkboxes could become misaligned based on nesting or the content of the checkbox
  • Fixes applying bold to a heading inside a blockquote changing the text color
  • Fixes markdown punctuation inheriting the styles of the mark (bold, italics, etc.)
  • Fixes ability to tab out of editor search box
  • Fixes changelog contents not being rendered properly (included site heading)
  • Fixes oversights in dyslexic mode styling
  • Fixes bug where if there was a temporary error on our server, it could lead Recollectr to believe it was not logged in as an upgraded account
  • Fixes bug where account status check failure could prevent user from decrypting
  • Fixes “http://” wrongly being added to a subset of valid http links, making them invalid. Primarily affected links to IP addresses
  • Fixes note previews missing spaces between two adjacent marks, (e.g. bolded text immediately followed by italics)
  • Fixes rare issue where codeblock previews in notelist could have scrollbar
  • Fixes failure to update notelist selected item when Ctrl+N is pressed and an empty note is already selected
  • Fixes a few situations where programmatically focusing editor could fail, especially with Ctrl+N hotkey
  • Fixes failure to remove similar toast messages, wrongly stacking them instead (e.g. if you pin and unpin a note, now only the latest shows)
  • Fixes a few debounced functions that should have cancelled previous calls when called again, but instead of cancelling ran twice (or more)
  • Fixes extra trailing   in note preview codeblocks
  • Fixes failure to decrypt an encrypted note until restarting Recollectr, if that note is newly added on another machine and the local instance of Recollectr has not had the decryption passphrase entered
  • Fixes bug where note previews could rare have a 4th line, instead of the intended 3
  • Fixes a couple hotkeys shown in Quick Help being inaccurate on macOS
  • Fixes crossroads tooltip showing wrong hotkey on macOS
  • Fixes issue where upon opening the main window, links were still clickable if they were when window was last hidden
  • Fixes pop-up (voodoo) menu displaying over macOS tooltips
  • Fixes bug that caused outdated note notice to display inconsistently
  • Fixes bug where initial sync on desktop could fail
  • Fixes Ctrl+Left from note title with expanded selection not moving focus to omnibox
  • Fixes ⌘+Up from crossroads failing to move to note title
  • Fixes ⌘+Left from note title to omnibox failing on macOS
  • Fixes missing context menu in Settings
  • Fixes inability to add, edit, or remove links to/from text with four or marks applied (bold, italics, etc)
  • Fixes difficulty editing title after using F2 to focus & select note title
  • Fixes Ctrl+Left in Title moved focus improperly in a number of ways
  • Fixes dragging notelist/editor divider would only move divider a fraction of the distance moved with the mouse
  • Fixes markdown punctuation inside of inline code wrongly being decorated
  • Fixes failure to properly deselect destroyed note

Release Announcement

Recollectr 3.11

September 16, 2019 - "Mighty" (Caravan Palace)
Features & Improvements
  • Feature: Recollectr Mobile Alpha access for premium users
  • Feature: Adds ability to lock note
  • Feature: Warn user when the note they have open has been updated and allow reload of newest version
  • Feature: In-app ability to clear local data
  • Note library search performance improvements
  • Note import now imports referenced local images
  • Improves behavior of notelist buttons and their tooltips
  • Displays “Yesterday” instead of the day of the week when formatting past times
  • Expired reminders are styled to indicate that they’ve passed
  • Button, date-picker, and other misc styling improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes clicking at the very end of a checkbox selecting the beginning of the line instead
  • Fixes misalignment of checkbox delete buttons
  • Fixes failure to create a toast message when a reminder is re-scheduled via mouse click rather than keyboard input
  • Fixes reminder could be set on archived and trashed notes
  • Fixes stray scrollbar that could appear within note preview with long headers
  • Fixes Cmd+F would not open in-note search on Mac
  • Fixes reminders sometimes not having titles updated properly if the title was updated after the reminder was set
  • Fixes up-arrow in time picker jumping to beginning of input and then back to end
  • Fixes reminder toast would say the full date instead of “Tomorrow” when a reminder is set for the next day, but is more than 24 hours from the current time
  • Fixes bug where changing reminder time on the same day could lead to the reminder firing at the originally scheduled time instead, unless Recollectr was restarted
  • Fixes bug that caused an expensive operation to run about 20 times more than intended during initial device sync
  • Fixes regression in markdown for starting an ordered list that caused it not to work more often than not
  • Fixes exceedingly rare but longstanding bug that could cause loss of recent (past 12 hours) data for users without sync enabled and require restoration of automatically generated backups
  • Fixes errant tooltip in settings window
Release Announcement

Recollectr 3.10

May 9, 2019 - "Caravan" (Duke Ellington)
Features & Improvements
  • Removes recycling bin and replaces it with: Note archiving, pinning, and trashing (deleted after 7 days)
  • Updates note list to show notes from all locations in a single list
  • Overhauls built-in notifications and allows an easier way to choose your notification system (built-in vs browser notifications)
  • Hotkey: F5 or Ctrl+; (Semicolon) to insert time and date – The insert format will be customizable in the future
  • Hotkey: PgUp and PgDn move between headings in the Notelist
  • Option: Colored inline code (pink)
  • Rearchitects the settings screen to use tabs
  • Show basic usage statistics in Settings >> About
  • Show current and latest version in Settings >> About
  • Adds toast message to indicate import has completed
  • Hold Ctrl when viewing the notelist to show all buttons for all notes
  • Adds note info popup tray to editor sidebar
  • Automatically use empty, unedited notes instead of creating new blank notes to prevent accumulations of empty notes
  • Enter in an empty search box will move directly to the body of new, blank note
  • Brute force protections on decryption screen
  • Improves and standardizes tooltips across platforms
  • Improve legibility of toast messages and implements close on click
  • Increases maximum visible notes from 100 to 115
  • Improves experimental spellcheck implementation very minorly
  • Myriad performance improvements in preparation for Recollectr Mobile
  • Double-click Settings or Help button to re-center the Settings or Help windows
  • Extends window content protection to all Recollectr windows
  • Automatically futurize reminder date to the next day when the user enters a time which has already passed today
  • General styling improvements
  • Dark mode consistency improvements
  • Improve changelog loading and aesthetics, and adds back button to return to Settings screen
  • Toast notification on import completion
  • Basic activity indicators
  • Experimental: preview the note or reminder title prior to creating a new note or reminder
  • Changes recommended alternative global hotkey to Ctrl+Shift+X
  • Updates to Electron 4
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes janky movement when moving through note list with arrow keys with rapid individual key presses
  • Fixes bug where images from the previous note would continue loading after the active note was changed, wasting resources
  • Fixes white artifacts when dragging to increase window size in dark mode
  • Fixes scenarios where visual content protection could become out of sync with the user selected setting
  • Fixes a number of notification placement bugs across operating systems
  • Fixes lines starting with -, +, or * becoming lists as soon as space is pressed later in the line
  • Fixes bug that caused Recollectr to fail to open on some new Linux installs
  • Fixes bug that caused difficulty clicking links in the settings screen
  • Fixes link editing input field not expanding to fit menu width
  • Fixes issue where Ctrl+F could show the search box for a note when there was no note
  • Fixes missing menubar on Mac, preventing hotkeys for copy and paste from working among others
  • Fixes editor link menu edit input width not expanding to fill
  • Fixes destroyed notes not being removed from note cache
  • Fixes cursor moving to beginning of document after redo
  • Fixes some inconsistencies in undo/redo especially in checklists
  • Fixes bug where editing title of a newly created untitled note immediately after creation could cause the title field to unfocus
  • Fixes some characters displaying improperly in inline code
  • Fixes bug where Ctrl+Right in the Omnibox would move to the editor before the user reached the end of the input
  • Fixes bug where Ctrl+Left in title would not move selection to the next word on Windows
  • Fixes occasional weirdness in creating selections within or across checkboxes with the mouse
  • Fixes a number of functions running redundantly, improving performance, especially on initial sync of a new device
  • Fixes Recollectr window shows on startup
  • Fixes bug where the shadow of the window frame might show on startup on Windows, even though the window was hidden
  • Fixes bug where Recollectr would think the Ctrl key was still pressed when it wasn’t
  • Fixes a number of bugs that caused no ill effects, but logged errors, cluttering the log
  • Fixes logging bugs

Recollectr 3.9​

February 22, 2019 - "Etude Op. 10 No. 4" (Chopin)
Features & Improvements
  • Multithreading architecture for improved performance
  • Major editor performance improvements
  • Major notelist performance improvements, especially when using keyboard to navigate
  • Decrypt notes progressively for faster startup
  • Decrypt and display images in notes progressively, allowing the rest of the note to show faster
  • Option: Window content protection to prevent screenshots of Recollectr’s main window’s contents
  • Option: Disable markdown decoration
  • Hotkey: Ctrl+F from notelist or Omnibox will open and focus ‘Find’ box on the current note
  • Hotkey: Shift+Tab to remove tab characters at start of line
  • Recognize times missing colons
  • Code blocks scroll horizontally
  • Improves logging coverage and performance
  • Improves in-app toast messages for quicker reading
  • List items display more uniformly
  • Multi-line checkboxes
  • Show options, help, and changelog screens in independent window rather than in the main window
  • Substantially reduces Linux resource usage
  • Styling improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes bug where ordered lists with 2 digits or more had some numbers cut off
  • Fixes bug in display of search highlighting of inline code
  • Fixes bug where typing after pressing tab key would convert text to code
  • Fixes bug where Ctrl+Right in Omnibox would unconditionally move focus directly to editor
  • Fixes ‘Maximum call stack size exceeded’ bug which could occur very rarely with extremely long codeblocks
  • Fixes bug where imported images could silently fail to import in some cases
  • Fixes bug where part of toast notifications could end up under another element of the application
  • Fixes bug where reminders added remotely would sync but would not fire
  • Fixes issue where some one-time startup operations would run on every startup
  • Fixes bug that could cause Recollectr to refuse to open for local use when there is no internet connection.
  • Fixes bug where newly registered accounts could get into a state where Recollectr believed it was up to date, but it was not
  • Fixes bug Recollectr could lose recently added data in rare cases when exiting
  • Fixes bug where updating 2 or more notes in very quick succession could lead to a note not being synced to the web.
  • Fixes bug that caused explicit times (11am) to be pushed forward 12 hours in some cases
  • Fixes bug where using Ctrl+N to create a new note would display the title of the previous note, even though the note actually had no title
  • Fixes bug where notes with checkboxes set their last updated time to the current time when selected (This will occur once more on each existing note to apply the fix)
    Fixes bug where entering, “Remind me Friday night to ______” on Friday would set a reminder for that night instead of the coming Friday
  • Fixes bug where “Remind me at midnight” could result in a reminder for noon instead.
  • Fixes inconsistencies in keyboard navigation between elements

Release Announcement

Recollectr 3.8

November 12, 2018 - "Title Track" (Death Cab for Cutie)
Features & Improvements
  • Markdown, HTML, and Plaintext import/export
  • Option to choose where to save exports
  • Option to copy note to clipboard as Markdown, HTML, or Plaintext
  • Bulk import/export
  • Codeblocks now export with their associated syntax
  • Exports images inline as Base64
  • Import notes from Google Keep
  • Imports inline Base64 images
  • Checkboxes now support indenting
  • Automatically manage checked status of parent and child checkboxes
  • Experimental dyslexic friendly mode
  • Hotkey: F2 to rename current note
  • Hotkey: Ctrl+Shift+\ to pin window on top
  • Dramatically improves undo/redo behavior
  • Dramatically improves result of pasting data copied from websites & strips extraneous content for cleaner notes
  • Automatically add http:// to urls entered with markdown, e.g. []() – if it was not already included
  • Adds “Paste as plaintext” to context menu
  • Improves behavior of inserting hard linebreak in lists
  • Code signing on Windows
  • Improves logging for better bug squashing
  • Styling improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes bug where checkboxes did not export properly
  • Fixes bug where codeblocks only exported first line
  • Fixes bug where importing codeblocks would fail
  • Fixes bug that caused inline code to display improperly on Linux
  • Fixes bug that created a new note instead of focusing existing when entering identical title into omnibox with encryption enabled
  • Fixes bug that caused notes created with Ctrl+N to still display the previous note’s title
  • Fixes bug where hotkey to check checkboxes took two presses
  • Fixes AM/PM case sensitivity issue in time picker
  • Fixes bug where ‘Enter’ at start of a header would make a new line of header, instead of moving the header down a line
  • Fixes bug where search highlights were not removed
  • Workaround for Chrome bug that causes reminders to be invisible after screen goes to sleep and wakes again
  • Fixes out of date text on status bar icon hover
  • Fixes links in blockquotes being gray
  • Fixes blurry checkboxes
  • Fixes bracket matching bug on Mac
  • Fixes bug where natural language reminder for a late hour on the same day would instead go to 10am
  • Fixes bug where user would see connection error notification when they needed to reauthorize account – Now has its own specific notification
  • Fixes bug that caused Quickstart Guide image to not appear on first run sometimes
  • Fixes bug that caused data usage to be substantially higher than necessary
  • Fixes Quickstart Guide on Mac displaying Windows/Linux hotkeys
  • Fixes bug where clicking on Recollectr icon in macOS dock did not show Recollectr when the window is hidden
  • Fixes bug where ⌘+[ ⌘+] did not indent and un-indent on Mac
  • Fixes links not being clickable when holding down ⌘ on Mac

Recollectr 3.7

October 3, 2018 - "Bukowski" (Modest Mouse)
Features & Improvements
  • Advanced notification system
  • Linux support
  • Subpixel antialiasing support
  • Dark mode
  • Improves note rendering speed by ~20%
  • Support “today” in date picker
  • Support “midnight” & “noon” in time picker
  • Improved Mac support
  • Styling improvements
  • Notifies user periodically when Recollectr is locked and notifications cannot be shown
  • Indent and un-indent in lists with Ctrl+] & Ctrl+[
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes bug that prevented un-indenting lists in some scenarios
  • Fixes bug where ESC key did not exit date picker
  • Fixes bug where midnight in Omnibox would actually set for noon, 12 hours later
  • Fixes bug where 12:00 pm in the time field would actually set for midnight, 12 hours later
  • Fixes bug where Ctrl+ any of these: ‘ ” ` ( { [ — Would print the character when it should not
  • Fixes bug where PgUp and PgDown in editor could mess up Recollectr layout
  • Fixes bug where ‘Enter’ on time field would not always commit the new reminder time
  • Fixes bug where erasing the date or time from the date/time picker would set the time to a null value
  • Fixes bug where some additional checks were run on elements in the editor that did not need it. This should speed up performance slightly for longer notes.
  • Fixes bug that allowed dragging of Recollectr logo on Mac
  • Fixes bug where opening syntax select near bottom of window could shift all contents of the window and require restart
  • Fixes issues with dark mode – no longer experimental
  • Fixes bug where times using “in” (remind me in 2 hours) could end up appearing 12 hours later than expected if between the hours of midnight and 7am.
  • Fixes bug where reminders such as, “Remind me on April 8th to do something” resulted in the task title: “on to do something”
  • Fixes bug where “tomorrow” in Omnibox reminders was not recognized in some circumstances
  • Fixes bug where extraneous words were not cleaned up when using times with decimals (eg, remind me in 2.5 hours)
  • Fixes bug where paid users would possibly not be recognized as such and required a restart of Recollectr
  • Fixes an issue with a dependency which logged to the console, causing performance issues

Recollectr 3.6

September 6, 2018 - "Destruction" (Joywave)
Features & Improvements
  • More flexible reminder detection – can now understand requests such as, “remind me” + “about” & “it’s”
  • Decimal values are now allowed in natural language reminders (remind me in 2.5 hours to do something)
  • Natural language dates in date-picker input field (can use September 9 or Next Friday, instead of 09-09-2018)
  • Scroll through calendar with arrow keys
  • Smarter detection of times in time-picker input field (can use 7pm instead of 7:00 pm and other niceties)
  • Can use ESC to exit date/time picker
  • Improves styling of modals and options menu
  • Option to disable bracket and punctuation matching outside of code
  • Automatically removes empty matched brackets and punctuation when backspacing
  • Dynamic updating of connectivity status (previously only showed error if it could not connect on startup)
  • More robust local backup mechanism
  • Reduces data usage of web syncing on note update by ~20%
  • Reduces data usage of syncing entire note library at startup by 20-95% (depending on size of note database)
  • Big performance improvements for certain operations thanks to upgrade to Electron 3
  • Ctrl+Shift+Z will redo in editor when not using it for the global hotkey
  • Various other conveniences for date/time picker
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes bug where Recollectr prevented shutdown on macOS
  • Fixes mismatched button and input sizes
  • Fixes bug that caused newly created notes to sync twice in some circumstances
  • Fixes some notelist keyboard and selection issues
  • Fixes bug where images added to a note while offline were not always uploaded upon restoration of internet connection
  • Fixes bug where punctuation matching inside of brackets or punctuation did not work
  • Fixes bug where selection of editor would rarely revert to previous selection in some when typing quickly and using hotkeys for formatting
  • Fixes bug where cursor would refocus if adding a link or changing codeblock syntax immediately after using Ctrl+E to focus the editor
  • Fixes bug that causes unnecessary re-rendering of the editor – Performance
  • Fixes bug where it was possible to paste multi-line text into the note’s title and sets maximum length to 120 characters
  • Fixes bug where clicking month name or arrows in date picker would immediately move focus to the time picker
  • Fixes bug where pressing down key from the omnibox with no notes in list led to loss of focus on the omnibox
  • Fixes bug where changelog did not show on Mac
  • Fixes bug where focus is not returned to the editor after exiting the date/time picker
  • Fixes bug where enter on default date/time in picker did not set the reminder
  • Fixes bug where sometimes 4 digit times (eg. 10:30 am) could not be set for today’s date
  • Fixes various other bugs in date/time picker
  • Fixes issue where in-editor search could show “result 2 of 1”
  • Fixes bug where links in Note List could be tabbed to in certain circumstances
  • Fixes bug where you can use Tab and Shift+Tab to cycle through elements from the Omnibox
  • Fixes inability to undo to points in the editor history prior to adding a link with Ctrl+K – Some issues remain though
  • Fixes bugs in adding links to notes with Ctrl+K shortcut
  • Fixes bug where wrapping text with a list sometimes removed the text
  • Prevents times for natural language reminders from defaulting to the past in some cases (“remind me at 2pm to do something” would default to 2pm today, even if it had already passed)
  • Prevents times for natural language reminders from defaulting to hours before 7am unless explicitly specified (“remind me at 3 to do something” would previously default to the closest ‘3’, even if that was 3am)

Recollectr 3.5

August 15, 2018 - "Make a Change" (Uppermost)
Features & Improvements
  • In-app changelog
  • Auto-update for Mac for all future versions (Users of 3.4 for Mac will need to download Recollectr from the site)
  • Improvements in note importing functionality
  • Adds 5 new syntax highlightings (AutoHotkey, Handlebars, Ini, Typescript, YAML)
  • Pressing Enter in the in-note search box brings you to next result
  • In-note search now highlights currently selected match distinctly from other matches
  • In-note search now shows number of matches and index of current match
  • Nested list handling improvements in editor
  • Minor styling niceties
  • Improves status bar icon and message clarity
  • Better macOS specific behaviors and controls + identified developer code signing
  • In-app social media links for better community and communication
  • Reduces note preview lines shown from 4 to 3 for improved scanning and readability
  • Further hardens Content Security Policy – Security
  • NodeIntegration disabled – Security
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes issues with copy/paste from Recollectr to non-HTML capable text fields would lose line breaks
  • Fixes various small bugs in in-note search (a couple trivial bugs remain)
  • Fixes bug where recycled notes would “undelete” in rare cases when syncing
  • Fixes and performance enhancements for floating link menu and link creation
  • Partially fixes issue where the syntax of a codeblock appears in the copy text (this no longer happens when pasting to a plaintext editor)
  • Fixes bug that did not allow zooming with Ctrl + Mouse wheel
  • Fixes bug that did not allow zooming window with numpad + key
  • Fixes bug in fraction replacement that deleted the character prior to the fraction
  • Fixes all known bugs in notelist navigation
  • Fixes bug where encryption key could not be set in some cases due to inability to select key creation field
  • Fixes a bug where users with encryption enabled would see a message to upgrade to enable encryption
  • Fixes bug where window could be redirected to the URL of a link dragged to certain areas of Recollectr. This had the potential for remote code execution with user assistance. – (Thanks to Suhas Gaikwad)
  • Fixes bug where lists would indent multiple levels, instead of just one, in the notes in the search results
  • Fixes bug where tray icon double-click would not show Recollectr on Windows
  • Fixes bug where tray icon balloon did not display when Recollectr started up on Windows
  • Fixes incorrect editor toolbar hotkey text
  • Fixes other minor macOS specific issues

Recollectr 3.4

July 29, 2018 - "Black Honey" (Thrice)
Features & Improvements
  • Rudimentary Mac OS X support (Better support with code-signing coming soon)
  • Increases font-weight of bolded text for faster visual parsing
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes untitled notes having ‘Undefined’ in the title
  • Fixes combination of bold & italics not being bolded
  • Fixes updated time disappearing in notelist on click
  • Various smaller CSS fixes for issues introduced in the overhaul from 3.3

Recollectr 3.3

July 19, 2018 - "Solitude" (Egadz)
Features & Improvements
  • Replaced old help screen with easier to use “Cheatsheet” of shortcuts
  • New settings menu
  • Improved “Focus Cursor” behavior
  • Overhauled all styles to improve readability, usability, and performance
  • Typography adheres more closely to best practices
  • Reduced window layout related CPU usage by over 50%
  • Fraction conversions for most common fractions, eg. 1/2 becomes ½
  • Proper horizontal rule support
  • Strengthened Content Security Policy
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes inconsistencies in styling in the editor when nesting items
  • Fixes the most egregious bugs related to auto-hiding notelist. Option no longer labeled as “buggy”, but still experimental
  • Fixes bug in single-quote punctuation auto-matching
  • Fixes notelist updating and rendering issues
  • Fixes bug where after deleting a note, fragments would remain in the editor in some circumstances
  • Fixes inconsistencies in arrow scroll behavior in the notelist
  • Fixes issue where note’s sidebar could interfere with date picker and editor on narrow window widths
  • Fixes issue where deleting notes did not update their “updated at” time

Recollectr 3.2

July 10, 2018 - "New Person, Same Old Mistakes" (Tame Impala)
Features & Improvements
  • Added inline code decoration
  • Massively improved markdown performance
  • Substantially reduced application-wide CPU and RAM usage
  • First update available via auto-update
  • Reduced installer and auto-update sizes by 20%
  • Added bracket and punctuation matching
  • Added ability to set code language with inline markdown, eg. “`js creates a JavaScript codeblock
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes inconsistencies in markdown support
  • Fixes next note selection when deleting in notelist with DEL key
  • Fixes bug that sometimes crashed application when deleting a checklist item
  • Fixes conversion of link text to clickable link
  • Fixes notelist scrolling behavior (partially)
  • Various other less noteworthy fixes

Recollectr 3.1

June 29, 2018 - "Bring You Back" (Beacon)
Features & Improvements
  • Syncing of notes and files (Premium feature)
  • Zero knowledge encryption of notes and files (Premium feature)
  • Status bar indicator icons
  • Improved note import support
  • Recommended alternative global hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+E)
  • Increased maximum number of notes that can be viewed in list
  • Significant performance improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes issue with reminders not bringing up the calendar automatically, e.g., “Remind me to do something” without a time
  • Fixes issues with links in checklist items
  • Fixes issues with markdown in checklist items
  • Fixes issue with reminder scheduling reliability upon startup
  • Fixes issue where exporting notes without title resulted in a file without a name
  • Fixes issue with images not reliably highlighting when selected
  • Fixes issue with Recollectr not starting automatically on boot
  • Fixes issues with first time startup operations
  • Various other less noteworthy fixes

Recollectr 3.0

May 10, 2018 - "Cicatriz ESP" (The Mars Volta)
Features & Improvements
  • First public beta release
Bug Fixes
  • Many

Version code names do not imply an endorsement or association.

Special thanks to Samuel Attard and the rest of the Google Play Music Desktop Player team for their great project. It’s used daily in the development of Recollectr.