Introducing Recollectr

Recollectr was quietly launched in November 2017. Too busy crafting code, no real marketing was done and no mention of Recollectr has been made anywhere online until the past few days.

Today we launched Recollectr 3.0, the first beta release of Recollectr. Even this announcement is extremely low key and not being syndicated or advertised anywhere. There’s a lot of work to be done to bring forward the best note-taking solution for people who need to get things done. For every idea that makes it into Recollectr, many more potential avenues for a better note-taking experience open themselves to exploration.

A more thorough launch announcement will follow this one with the launch of Recollectr 3.1.0, which will bring features like syncing and zero knowledge encryption to premium users. But, for now, and forever, Recollectr Standard will remain 100% free to use. Give it a try! (This link will begin a download)