Frequently Asked Questions

What are the limits of the free version of Recollectr?

The free version of Recollectr is 100% free for local use

At this time, the only limits on the free version are a lack of cloud storage and zero-knowledge encryption. Data is stored locally in cleartext.

Will the free version always be free?

Yes! The free version will always be free!

While we reserve the right to add additional restrictions in the future, existing members with a Recollectr Account will be grandfathered in with any terms that were applicable when they activated their account. Just another reason to start using Recollectr today!

How long is the special Recollectr Beta pricing valid for?


As long as you continue your plan, your price will remain at the deeply discounted rate offered to our early adopters. We couldn’t do it without you!

How do I migrate from my existing note-taking application?

Recollectr supports importing data from a variety of sources. You can import notes from Simplenote, Google Keep, or any other service that allows you to export to a supported data format. This feature is experimental though. Better support and instructions are coming very soon.

Supported formats for importing at this time are HTML, Markdown and Plaintext.

How do I export my data from Recollectr?

You can export any note to a Markdown file any time. It’s your data and you own it!

Does Recollectr maintain a changelog?

You can view our changelog page to read release notes for major and minor releases.

What kind of markdown does Recollectr support?

Recollectr supports a subset of Github Flavored Markdown. A document outlining Recollectr’s markdown support will be coming shortly.

How does Recollectr Premium syncing work?

If you’re signed into an account with Recollectr Premium, all of your notes and attached images will be synced to the cloud with encryption both in transit and at rest.

In non-technical terms, your data is secure, but there’s another step up in security available with Recollectr Premium.

How does Recollectr Standard store my data?

On your own device, the free version of Recollectr stores data in a custom, unencrypted HTML format.

How does Recollectr Premium store my data?

Recollectr Premium stores data locally using AES256 zero-knowledge encryption. Any data that is synced is encrypted in transit using TLS and at rest with a minimum AES128 bit encryption. This is on top of the AES256 zero-knowledge encryption available to you as a premium user.

How does Recollectr Premium encryption work?

With Recollectr Premium, you can encrypt all of your data, even images, with a passphrase known only to you. When enabled, your data will be encrypted locally and in the cloud using this passphrase.

Recollectr Premium optionally employs AES-GCM 256 bit encryption for all of your private data.

Each note has its own encryption key, which itself is encrypted using your account level key. All of the data necessary to recreate your account key, besides your passphrase, is securely stored and accessible only to yourself or someone who has your account password.

What information is encrypted?

Your note’s title and contents are encrypted with a note-specific key, which is itself encrypted using your account key (created by entering your encryption passphrase.)

Information that is not encrypted at this time includes the date the note was created, any scheduled times for a reminder to fire,  whether the note is in the recycling bin, and a list of images associated with the note (the images themselves are encrypted.)

What happens if I forget my account password?

If you forget your account password, it can be reset. This feature should and will be automated, but until it is, if you lose your password please contact us 

What happens if I forget my encryption passphrase?

Bad things! 

Unlike your account password, your encryption passphrase cannot be recovered.

If you forget this passphrase, you will need to buy or otherwise acquire a multi-billion dollar supercomputer array to recover your information.

If you think you might forget this passphrase, you should not enable encryption.

How much data can I store in the cloud with Recollectr?

Premium users who sign up during our beta will receive cloud storage for:

  • Up to 5 GB of attachments
  • Up to 20,000 notes

Why do my images not open in my default image viewer?

Images in Recollectr are opened in an internal image viewer to prevent encrypted data from ever needing to be decrypted to disk.

Is Recollectr Premium a safe place for my password?

Short answer: Yes

Long answer: Yes, but…

In the interest of maintaining the highest security standards for our users, we do not yet recommend Recollectr Premium for password storage.

Why not?

Despite the fact that Recollectr Premium encrypts everything, it keeps all note data decrypted in memory to enable searching of your notes. Password storage software like KeePass takes the additional precaution of keeping passwords encrypted even in memory.

If you’re thinking about using KeePass after reading this, don’t get too attached because this feature will be included in a near future release of Recollectr Premium!

What happens if I cancel my Recollectr Premium plan?

If you choose to cancel the premium plan, you will be prompted to decrypt your notes and images prior to editing or adding notes. All of your data will remain available for reading and writing locally.

What happens if I delete my account?

If you’d like to delete your account, we will remove all of your information from our servers, including your login information.

If you need to delete your account, please contact us.