Record and recall without breaking your flow

Minimally disruptive |
Maximally efficient

One Hotkey to Rule Them All

Use the global hotkey from anywhere Ctrl + Shift + Z

Call up Recollectr

Hide Recollectr in tray

Default hotkey conflict with your applications? Don’t worry, it’s completely customizable!

Designed with Keyboard in Mind

Alt +
Access options, like editing a link or selecting syntax, without ever needing to touch the mouse!
Ctrl + E
Switch between the editor and the Omnibox without losing your selection.
Move between sections of Recollectr so you can use Tab freely in the editor!

Intuitive Inline Markdown

Have your *markdown* and eat it too! Erm... Something like that...
Never split your screen for markdown again! Mix and match markdown to your heart's content with the freedom to export to a .md file any time!

And Much More

  • Record and recall instantly with a master global hotkey that you can customize any time
  • Save time and prevent duplicate notes before they happen with the Search/Create Omnibox
  • Return your focus right to where you left off when you hide Recollectr, no matter what application you use
  • Use hotkeys you already know and expect from popular applications; never be homesick for hotkeys again
  • Natural language reminders so you’ll never let something important slip through  the cracks
  • Effortlessly import from Markdown or HTML to bring your existing note collection into Recollectr
  • Export to portable Markdown or HTML anytime and always own your data
  • Automatic updates save you headaches and make Recollectr better all the time
  • Advanced inline links go beyond the traditional, simple markdown methods for more control
  • Have no fear, hotkeys are here! We’re not all markdown aficionados
  • From the comfort of your keyboard, access any feature you need
  • Syntax highlighting for 27 languages inside of code blocks
  • Isolated code blocks allow for Ctrl+A selection without grabbing the rest of the note
  • Magically morph markdown to styled text, saving your screen space and your sanity
  • Paste images from your clipboard straight into your note
  • Smart checklists make it easy to track all the things
  • Mix and match to meet your needs inside a single note
  • Quickly clear text styling without affecting the structure of your note with Ctrl+Space

Recollectr is in Beta, so there are some cracks that still need filling and bugs that still need squashing

Currently available on Windows, macOS, & Linux

Android and iOS in Private Alpha Testing Now

Recollectr Premium

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