Recollectr 3.9 – Saving You Time & Setting the Stage

After a long wait, Recollectr 3.9 has finally arrived with a whole slew of performance improvements, quality of life enhancements, bug fixes, and plans for the future.

Less Distraction, Less Delay

Delays are demons, tempting you to stop your work. Recollectr 3.9 pushes that demon further from view than ever before. Being forced to wait, even for just a couple seconds, is enough to get most people’s minds wandering. This is true for most people even if they’d had super-human focus moments earlier.

There are performance improvements to be found in virtually every part of Recollectr including:

  • Application-wide multithreading support
  • Editor performance improvements
  • Notelist performance improvements
  • Faster note loading
  • Faster image loading
  • Faster startup time

More Windows

Recollectr has been a single-window application since day one, but today that changes with the release of our new architecture in Recollectr 3.9.

In the past if you wanted to manage options or view the hotkey guide, you had to do it in the main window, blocking you from doing anything else until you closed the Options or Help screen. For someone trying to learn the hotkeys and features of Recollectr this wasn’t exactly ideal.

In Recollectr 3.9, you can keep the shortcuts up whenever you need to reference them without flipping back and forth. In the future we’ll be leveraging this capability to bring you even more.

Quality of Life

Multi-line checkboxes, better time matching, more robust natural language reminders, tons of styling fixes and and a number of bug fixes make Recollectr a better ally in the war against disorder than ever before. For a full list of changes, check out the changelog for Recollectr 3.9

Behind the Scenes

Many users have noted that 3.9 took us a long time to roll out compared to previous updates; that’s because behind the scenes Recollectr has been massively overhauled to prepare for what we have planned for the rest of 2019.

Together with our two previous releases, Recollectr 3.9 sets the stage for big things. Now that the machinery is in place, stay tuned for more frequent updates from us.

We’re just getting started.