Recollectr Cyber Monday 2018

Happy Cyber Monday!

We’ve been working tirelessly to make Recollectr better not just on the front-end where it shows, but architecturally to reduce data usage and to let us reduce prices to the levels we’ve wanted to guarantee for our early supporters.

What better time than Cyber Monday to announce the fruits of our labors! Starting today, while supplies last, Recollectr Premium is available for just $24 a year, just $2 per month. As has always been the case, early supporters will lock in their price for as long as they continue their plan.

Existing subscribers will, of course, have their plans’ prices reduced and their renewal dates extended as has always been the promise. All existing annual subscriptions will be reduced to the $24 per year pricing and accounts will be credited with additional time for any additional amount already paid.

Thank you to all of our subscribers for your support!

Upgrade Now For Just $2 per Month