Setting Reminders

There are two ways to set reminders in Recollectr
Omnibox Method

To set a new reminder using the Omnibox just type in a request as if Recollectr was a personal assistant.

Here are some examples:

  • Remind me to send the report to Michael at 3pm
  • Remind me that I need to pick up bread in 4 hours
  • Remind me in two weeks to circle back with Emma
  • Remind me in 5 minutes to move the backup
  • Remind me that I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow

Note: Reminders created with this method will be moved to the Recycling Bin once dismissed. 
This behavior will be clarified and expanded in future versions.
Date/Time Picker Method

Click the Set Reminder button in the Editor section or press Ctrl + R to open the calendar for the current note. Select a future time and press Enter to save the reminder and close the Date Picker.

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