Application Hotkeys

In addition to the Global Hotkey which works anywhere on your computer, there are also hotkeys that work anywhere within the Recollectr window.

Easily move between sections with your keyboard
Use the familiar browser shortcut:
Ctrl + E
  • Select the Omnibox from anywhere in Recollectr
  • Select the Editor if you’re already focused on the Omnibox
Or use your arrow keys at the “Crossroads”
At the beginning of the very first line of your note you will see the Crossroads icon () appear.
Below are the places you can move between using arrow keys

Brace yourself! The below image may look confusing, but just take it one arrow at a time.

Each arrow shows a way you can move between sections using the Crossroads. For good measure, this image also shows that you can move between the Omnibox and the Notelist.

Hiding Recollectr

In addition to the Global Hotkey, which can be used to hide Recollectr, you can also use shortcuts commonly used to close windows.

Ctrl + W OR Alt + F4

Both will hide Recollectr to the system tray rather than exiting the application.

Zoom In/Out Recollectr

Zoom in

Ctrl + + or + Mouse Wheel Up

Zoom out

Ctrl + - or + Mouse Wheel Down

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