Global Hotkey

Recollectr’s Customizable Global Hotkey allows you to call up Recollectr from anywhere on your machine, and to hide it again when you’re done.

Calling up Recollectr

While Recollectr is not actively being used, it stays tucked away in your system tray.

Ctrl + Shift + Z

Pressing  these keys will call up Recollectr from the system tray, or from the background, and focus Recollectr’s Omnibox for quickly Creating and Searching notes.

If you don’t need to search or create, you can easily move your focus to the Editor using the hotkeys discussed in the Overview.

Hiding Recollectr

While Recollectr is active, pressing Ctrl + Shift + Z will hide Recollectr to the system tray.

Customizing the global hotkey

The default hotkey, Ctrl + Shift + Z is the most convenient hotkey for Recollectr, but we understand that some applications use this hotkey to Redo an action. Recollectr’s global hotkey will override an application’s local hotkey.

You can select a new global hotkey of your preference by going to the Options screen, selecting the text box, and pressing your preferred hotkeys. Recollectr will record the keys you press and save them. When you do this, the default hotkey will be freed for use in other applications.

Note: Most code editors also support the Ctrl + Y hotkey for Redo if you do not want to change Recollectr's default (and recommended) hotkey.

Recommended alternative global hotkey:

 Ctrl + Shift + E

This is the second most convenient hotkey for Recollectr. It is easily pressed with one hand by most people, and allows for quick transition to other hotkeys used in Recollectr, and does not conflict with most applications.

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