Syncing Questions

How is my data protected?

Any data that is synced is encrypted in transit using TLS and at rest with a minimum AES128 bit encryption. This is on top of the optional AES256 zero-knowledge encryption available to you as a premium user.

What if I am offline, can I still use Recollectr?

Absolutely! Recollectr is built primarily for fast, private, offline usage, with the cloud as an added benefit and not a requirement. Any changes made while offline will sync to the cloud when you reconnect.

What happens if I make changes to the same data on two different devices while offline?

Recollectr keeps only the newest data associated with each note.

In the rare case this presents an issue, if you’d like to keep a copy of the older changes, you can export the note prior to reconnecting. You can then import the exported file back into Recollectr as a new note.

Can I disable syncing and only use encryption?

At this time that option is not available, although it is definitely planned for the near future.

Is syncing available to all users with a Recollectr account?

No, syncing is only available to Recollectr Premium users.

Is data hosted on servers owned by Recollectr?

The server hardware is not owned by Recollectr LLC. We rely on third-party, US-based cloud services providers for data storage.

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